Fallacy Football #23-Love, Affection, Fantasy Football!


Max, Jack and Conor host a loved up episode of Fallacy Football! We take a look at the world of fantasy football before we are joined by Teddy Sheringham for a political dispatch.

Shortly after that we swoon over Victor Valdes’ new app at an exclusive launch event!


P.S. Due to a technical error a bunch of our other podcasts never made it online. You can find them all HERE!


Fallacy Football #13- New Day, New England!

Fallacy Football bring you scoop of the century!

We have managed to get a recording of the England interview process! Max, Conor, Jack and Ross are stunned by what they hear.

Features special guests: Martin, Sam, Glenn, Sven, Fabio and Gareth.

We also restructure our league, which is at least 5x better than it sounds.

And there is a informative bit on World Cup qualifiers.

Fallacy Football: The Back Catalogue!

Episode 1- Episode 1

Episode 2- Trial of the Century

Episode 3- Wild Card

Episode 4- Engerzzzzzzzzzzz

Episode 5- Hahahabenero 

Episode 6- Bananarama

Episode 7- The Worst Podcast Ever

Episode 8- Godamn Internationals

Episode 9- The Mind of a Psycopath

Episode 10- Lallanarama

Episode 11- Football Phone In

Episode 4- Engerzzzzzzz

This week we have a special guest standing in for Ross. We also talk about how boring England are, Max and Jack put a wager in motion, we have a punt on Draft Kings and laugh at Garth Crooks.




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