Ross’ Renegades

Team Motto

What would Berbatov do?

About the manager

A maverick who follows his heart despite the overwhelming evidence his head provides. He possesses a painfully useless knowledge of early naughties footballers, supports Spurs for his sins and feels it is a travesty that Fernando Gago has never graced the Premier League. Is a true believer that the art of the sublime should be held in the highest regard, at times placed above the importance of the result. He’s a mercurial talent on the pitch with the possibility of brilliance and catastrophe balanced in equal measure. Every time his team wins he blares out Renegade Master by Wildchild.

Team history

2013/14: Runner-Up (The Masters League – Pre Fallacy Football)

2014/15: Champion (The Masters League – Pre Fallacy Football)

2015/16: Did a Chelsea (The Masters League – Pre Fallacy Football)

Team expectations

Fun is valued over results but they will be disappointed if they don’t finish in the top one.


Too long in the tooth for anything untoward but beating whoever is top is always enjoyed.