Totenham Jet Pervs

Team Motto

A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.

About the manager

After dispatching his long time rival Ross Legg in a back-alley battle royale (giving him a pro fight record of 1 fight 1 win 1 knock-out) manager, Jack Hope, decided to move into fantasy football management. A wise career move as he can now claim both mental and physical superiority over his mortal foe.

Team history

Champion of the Copa Fallacio and the envy of the fantasy world. In the season before last’s head-to-head league Fred West Ham (then operating under the name West Ham, Fred) were top with about 6 weeks to go, everyone associated with the team assumes they won, though nobody actually bothered checking.

Team expectations

Providing they steer clear of Liverpool players (Benteke *shudders*) their obviously superior manager should guide them to wins in both leagues.


Ross’ Renegades. Though it’s not so much a rivalry, more a formality. Vive la Fred West Ham!