Team Mottoing er land


England will be playing 4-4-fucking-2!

About the manager

After a dispute over naming rights and a Konami inspired name change Ray Hudgson took control of In-ger-land. Not known for being bold he’s decided to play it safe and stick with the same team week, regardless of their obvious deficiencies. With Stan Allardici waiting in the wings, let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite him.

Team history

Alarmed at a lack of national pride the FA have inserted In-ger-land into the Fallacy Football league to teach these boys a lesson. Anybody who loses to In-ger-land will have to undertake a demonstration of national pride, to show what they have learnded.

Team expectations

World Cup, nothing less will do.


Germany, Scotland, Portugal. But turning over Garth Crooks will do.